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Confessions of an ex-beauty-blogger

How I became a beauty blogger One day in March of 2010, I decided to start a beauty blog. I was in the middle of my Master's studies in Utrecht, and was desperately looking for a new passionate hobby to escape the dry reality of books, exams and libraries. And what could be less dry than colorful nail polishes and eyeshadows, shimmering powders and beautifully scented cremes? I madly fell in love with the magic, beauty and power of make up. It might not be irregular for a girl at the age of 24 but slightly odd as I wasn't [...]

Support locals and give the best gifts

Maybe you are familiar with this situation: You need to get a birthday gift for your friend. Birthdays and Christmas never come as a surprise, but somehow they always do. There's a ton of ideas coming up, you think about their hobbies and interests, or maybe activities they mentioned they want to pick up. You even remember particular items they pointed out they liked during a shopping trip or a fun night out. Of course that'd be a on point to find this special something for them that they will love and at the same time be really useful. You [...]

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Keep calm & stay organized

Organizing life has always been challenging, even in times before the crisis that came to change our lives in so many different ways. But while the big discussions around the crisis take the political and economical stages, we are all struggling with the new set challenges in our every day lives. Working from home, back to back video conferences, e-mails piling up, staying fit and healthy, taking care of our loved ones, maybe entertaining and teaching the kids at home, keeping the household tidy and running - that's a lot to juggle at the same time. So, how can we [...]

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Opening hours and status of stores in the Netherlands

With COVID-19, many retailers and online shops in the Netherlands have changed their terms and conditions. Some physical shops are back to open while some remain closed. Curious to see what's the status and opening hours at the most popular Dutch shops? We've listed them here for you according to the information the shops provided on their official websites. Status: May 18th 2020 This list will be regularly updated. Generally, these rules apply for the Netherlands in accordance to advice from official health entities: Keep 1.5-2m distance to other shoppers and shop employees Shops are obgliged to ensure a limited [...]

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