Maybe you are familiar with this situation: You need to get a birthday gift for your friend. Birthdays and Christmas never come as a surprise, but somehow they always do.

There’s a ton of ideas coming up, you think about their hobbies and interests, or maybe activities they mentioned they want to pick up. You even remember particular items they pointed out they liked during a shopping trip or a fun night out. Of course that’d be a on point to find this special something for them that they will love and at the same time be really useful. You plan to hunt down this special something and be the best friend ever.

Then life happens, and all your great ideas and good intentions go down the drain.

Pressure at work, chaos at home, stress everywhere.

Before you know, it’s three days before their birthday and you’re slightly panicking. Coming empty-handed to the party is not an option, so you cater to what most people would in this situation: Visit one of the big online shops that guarantee overnight shipment and buy a generic gift that’s not near what you originally wanted. There’s just no time browsing anymore. Of course, your friend will still be happy about the gift and that’s what matters. But you’re not fully satisified with how that went and promise to yourself that next time will be different.

But where can you actually find online shops that sell unique, handmade products? What if you could easily find these, and at the same time support your locals? We thought, that would actually be pretty neat.

Supporting local business is what the STOREE team strongly believes in. This is why we have compiled a list of small and local online shops in the Netherlands. It’s full of local makers, entrepreneurs and creative crafters offering their beautiful unique items. We are delighted to see the number of small Dutch online shops that are already on the list. And our STOREE app will soon help you to keep overview of all your purchases from different online shops. If you are too excited to wait for the official launch, we invite you to sign up to become an early tester.

Are you also an owner of a small online shop, or have a favourite shop that you think deserved more attention? Join the cause #supportyourlocalsNL #supportsmallbusiness #kooplokaal (ook online) and add it up to the list.

Happy gifting! We hope you enjoy being the superstar at the next birthday party and if you haven’t yet – join the STOREE community on Instagram and Facebook to never miss any useful tips on organization, productivity and online shopping again.