Christmas with STOREE

After a very successful closed beta test round with a group of selected heavy online shoppers, we’re ready to enter the next stage to bringing STOREE to the market. What better way is there than to combine this with the upcoming Holiday season?

This year’s Christmas will be different for many of us but that does not mean that we cannot make the best of it! It is expected that many more shoppers will order their presents online this year, and have them directly shipped to the lucky present receiver. More than ever, many people are eager to support local and small shops and businesses. This translates to opting for smaller online shops that might not offer the convenience we’re used to from the big players.

Ordering from small online shops therefore requires more organizational effort from the shopper and also poses a higher risk to shoppers as the terms and conditions need to be studied first before ordering online. With big online shops, we usually know the terms and conditions by heart and are also used to great overviews of all our previous purchases. This simplifies reordering and organizing.

With STOREE, shopping from small shops will become significantly easier, no matter where you shop. STOREE offers an overview of all your purchases across all shops: Up to date delivery and payment status, reminders of when return windows expire, follow ups on refunds and much more.

As STOREE is not officially launched in the app stores just yet, we’re giving away 25 exlusive seats to heavy online shoppers who plan to splurge on online shopping in the upcoming season with all the attractive offers and sales. Singles Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, last minute Christmas gift shopping… you name it. Don’t ever get lost in your order emails – let STOREE handle it for you!

If you’re interested to apply for one of the exlusive seats, sign up on our website, or get in touch with us via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.