STOREE testers plant trees

Beta testers thrilled about STOREE

Over the last months, STOREE has wrapped its first closed beta testing round with a number of selected German and Dutch power online shoppers.

Due to their busy lifestyles or because they simply prefer spending their free on pleasant activities (could anything be more relatable?), the shoppers do not want to spend time on organizing their online shoppings. After all, online shopping is supposed to be fun and convenient in the first place.

Everything at one glance, that’s amazing! This is just what I need. Can I use it already?” is the most frequent feedback STOREE has received.

The testers loved the convenience seeing anything related to all their purchases at one glance: It’s simple, convenient and clear. No matter what and where they shopped, STOREE’s overview includes every shop, from big ecommerce players to the small corner shops.

Test, love, plant

We appreciate the time and effort the testers have put into testing STOREE and providing us with valuable feedback. That is why we gave the testers two “thank you” gift options to choose from: Either a voucher for an online shop of their choice, or have a tree planted in their names. We’re stoked that 95% (!) opted for the tree and we went straight to work!

STOREE has teamed up with locals in Niemandsfreund in Baden-Württemberg, Germany to reforest the local forest. As the literal translation of Niemandsfreund is “Nobody’s friend“, we interprete it as a sign that this protected landscape really does not want to bothered by anything that does not naturally belong in it.

Niemandsfreund in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Back to the roots to plant roots

The forest is located nearby Wangen im Allgäu, not far away from Lake Constance. Big parts of the forest were destroyed in a storm in early 2020 and required urgent reforestation.

With one of our cofounders Barbara having her roots in that exact region, we have decided to invest our efforts towards supporting this area to plant more trees to strengthen the vegetation and ecosystem.

Planting trees in Niemandsfreund

Making an Impact

We believe it should be easy for people to make an impact and we’re very happy that so many of our beta testers have taken on this chance to do this together with us!

All testers who opted for tree planting also receive emails with a picture of their very own tree. We hope that it makes their day as much as they did make ours by beta testing and loving STOREE!

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