Too many emails

What’s your email address?

If this question does not make you pause, count and think about which one you want to share, then it might be time to reconsider.

While one might get the impression that emails are long dead and belong on a pile with CDs, DVDs and vinyl records, the truth is that emails are bigger and more important than ever.

She came to stay

There are newer and better solutions available that seem to replace emails in your personal and professional lives, like messaging apps or instant-messaging services, but emails are surprisingly sturdy and remain an essential part of our daily communication.

And it does not seem to be changing anytime soon.

Old but gold

The email was born in the 1960s which makes it older than most of its current users. It is estimated that 320 billion emails are sent and received on a daily base. The insane number this adds up to on a yearly base is hardly imaginable and it only keeps growing.

When we empty our physical mailboxes, we always make sure to neatly separate important letters from the government, doctors or the tax advisor from promotional leaflets, letters convincing us to invest in an annual lottery subscription and the best 99 cent offers of the week.

So why would we not want to this in our digital mailboxes, too?

Wrong place, wrong time

Nothing is worse than not being able to find an official confirmation in your email inbox because it is buried between all the newsletters for funny socks, toys and garden hoses.

The other way around, it also gets very annoying on a shopping spree when you are looking for this one 25% promotion code you know you received but you just cannot find.

The solution to this is easy: Split them.

Many emails we receive are important to us on different levels, for different purposes and at different times.

Having them mixed in one single mailbox can be a true nightmare. The longer one email address is used for all purposes, the more creative our ninja-inbox-searching-skills will have to become to ever find something again.

A great first distinction to make is to keep a primary email address for all important private matters and official communication with government and tax authorities, doctors and for job applications.

These days, using separated by whatever characters are allowed is the common style to opt for. It leaves a serious impression and is easy to remember – what more could we wish for in an official email address?

Why you need a separate shopping-only email address

The second email address we’d want in place is purely for shopping-related emails. It is important to keep all your shopping-related emails as they contain purchase agreements you enter with every online shop you use.

Often warranties and policies are also part of these emails. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to be able to refer to these emails at any given time.

Every online shop requires an email address from us. At this point, the email address is used for commercial use and will be, sometimes magically, served with newsletters, discount codes, customer service, review requests and much more. This is why some people might mistakenly refer to it also as “spam email address” as they already expect it to happen.

Having more than one email address will prevent this and keep all inboxes clean.


While basically any email provider is suitable for the setup of a shopping-only email address, there are options that offer more advantages than others.

Or simply one that’s oustanding.

When you sign up with STOREE, you can create your very own shopping-only email address. How about – You got it. Or – No problem!

Not only can you use this email address in online shops and start separating your personal emails from shopping-related emails, but the STOREE mobile app will also provide you with a sleek overview of all your orders, their relevant details and events.

This allows you to easily see everything important at one glance.

What is this dark magic?

We use state-of-the-art machine learning, natural language processing and automation techniques to extract only the important information from shopping-related emails and display them to you.

On top of that, you will always have access to the original emails from within the app itself and all emails are also forwarded to your primary email address for reference, too.

This way you’re in full control, at all times.

Ready to clean up your emails?

Don’t have a shopping-only email address yet?
Get your very own STOREE email address – available for iOS and Android.