Music that made STOREE

Playlists are mood barometers

During the last few years, the team behind STOREE has spent a crazy amount of time building and developing the app. Just like many others, everybody in our team loves music and it is a big part of our daily lives. Whether we blast it from speakers in the office, at home or through our headphones, there’s essentially always music playing. Some of us work more efficiently with music while some others need silence to fully concentrate.

Then again, some listen to music to get motivated and pumped, others use it to relax and calm down after exhausting work days. As different as we are in when and how we listen to music, our preferences in music stunningly differ even more!

We’ve collected some of our team’s most favourite playlists and want to share them with you! After all, playlists reveal a lot, and these are the playlists that made STOREE. Listen to Yi-Chin self-motivating pop playlists, Philip’s odd remix of all genres you could possibly think of, Nemanja’s melancholic soundtrack of everything minus work.

Get it poppin!

Yi-Chin’s favourite genre is good old mainstream pop and that is for a good reason: This music is light-hearted, never fails to lift her spirits, and there are so many different sub-categories of pop music. While she is a big admirer of music in general, she will always choose pop as her music to work, cook and work out to. Even if you are not into pop, try listening to any of her playlists during working hours and you might be surprised. It makes being lost in Excel sheets so much more pleasant!

You can choose between Asian Pop which includes Mandopop/C-Pop (that is, Chinese pop music) and K-Pop (that is, well you guessed it, Korean pop music), UK pop songs especially from the 90s (there IS a risk you might unconsciously end up dancing on your colleague’s desk, if you are not willing to take this risk, do not click this playlist!), an amazing 80s playlist which took ages to assemble, and a nostalgia playlist.

These playlists are also very suitable for long train or car rides: You won’t even notice how time is passing by. We’ve been friendly enough to test this for you!

STOREE: Yi-Chin's Azn pop playlist

STOREE: Yi-Chin's UK pop playlist

STOREE: Yi-Chin's 80s playlist

STOREE: Yi-Chin's nostalgia playlist

Relax, don’t do it

Philip and Nemanja on the other hand will rather listen to relaxing music once work is done for the day. Both prefer no-music environments during work to the point that Nemanja even wears noise-cancelling headphones when there is no one else in the room (his thoughts must be super interesting!).

Was it an exaggeration to say that our playlists simply could not look more different? While Philip enjoys his after-work beer with Enya, 50 Cent and Bob Marley on the same playlist (…is this even legal?), we are most likely to find Nemanja with a glass of distinctive red wine on the couch listening to Postrock bands like MONO, If These Trees Could Talk or Caspian.

Curious to explore what these guys are up to when they’re not working on STOREE? Have a little taste of their relaxing playlists:

STOREE: Phi's chillax playlist

STOREE: Nemanja's postrock playlist

You can access our STOREE profile on Spotify to save our playlists for later.

Just like we rigorously fill our playlists with music we love and listen to daily, we are super excited that soon everybody can start filing their online orders into STOREE. STOREE gives online shoppers the only overview of their purchases they’ll need – all important information, always at their fingertips. Regardless of where they ordered from, which payment option they chose and which forwarder will deliver!

No more digging through mailboxes and juggling between different apps to look for tracking information and payment details. By the way, our playlists are also very well suited as online shopping soundtracks, this has also been successfully pre-tested by us!

STOREE - All your online purchases at your fingertips

STOREE will soon be officially available for download for iOS and Android mobile devices.

We can’t wait to help online shoppers to simplify their shopping organization so they have more time for what really matters: For example, dancing or relaxing to music they love while knowing exactly when the postman will ring and deliver a long-awaited order.