Bills, bills, bills – keeping ahead of things with STOREE

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Beta testers speak out

Before STOREE was launched to a wider audience, we tested the app with a group of beta users over a period of 12 months. Not only did they stress test STOREE and help us significantly refine the technology behind STOREE, but they also rigorously feedbacked on user experience and app design.

We’d like to put some of them in the spotlight and let them share their experience with STOREE and tell their personal stories about how our app specifically helps them in their daily online shopping lives.

Meet Anna

Today, we start with Anna. She lives in a small town in Germany, is a mom and has a full-time job. She was one of the first ones to join the beta tester group and is, as you will find out, a truly experienced online shopper.

Filter your orders with STOREE STOREE overview

Shopaholic in the Middle of Nowhere

When I started using STOREE I did out of curiosity and to support a girl I followed on social media for a million years. Little did I know on how brilliant this would turn out.

There is no nice way to say this. I shop online a lot.

I shop kid stuff, anything my mother saw on TV, I make material reservations online for construction work at home and sometimes even place an order for something off my personal wish list. Oh the perks of being a full time working mom without any shops within a 50km radius.

Bills, bills, bills…

As long as I had to juggle a million emails in my inbox, there were more bills than I can remember I was late on. It’s embarrassing to admit but that’s how it’s been.

To be honest, STOREE and I, we had a rough start. In the beginning it only sat on my phone, silently showing me my orders. When another payment reminder came in, I decided something had to be done.

Taking control

I opened the app and started going in deep, checking what came in and what wasn’t paid and sorting everything out. Ever since that day I keep coming back to check on things. It helps me to have a clear overview not just about pending payments but also about in transit stuff and returns.

Everything at your fingertips

I used to search my inbox for all the details about the latest kitchen gadget my mother had wanted and when it is supposed to arrive or the 20 digit reservation number from OBI, and now it is all within arm’s reach, pre-sorted and aesthetically pleasing.

It makes mom life a little better. And never a bill late!


STOREE shows you all order events STOREE shows you all order events

One look is all it takes

With STOREE, you can filter all your orders and be always up to date on delivery, payment and return status. All orders that need to be paid or that are in delivery at one glance, so it’s easy to follow up with what requires actions and when to expect the mailman.

If you click on the status icons in the overview, you can even see more finegrained information on the status such as “Delivery pending”, “Arriving today” or “Payment requested”. They’re displayed in an intuitive traffic light color scheme so that one look is enough to know what’s going on!

The events can also be edited manually so you can also use STOREE actively as an order manager and change events yourself! Paid an outstanding order? – Just mark the order as “Paid” in STOREE!

Get organized today!

STOREE is available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

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