STOREE launched

STOREE launched

After 12 months of tremendous effort and an 8-month beta that included hundreds of avid online shoppers from the DACH and Benelux regions, we are finally ready to launch STOREE for everybody.

The early beginnings

We, the founders of eigenlinks, grew up during the time online shopping exploded. We issued our first orders with Amazon before this millennium, thought eBay was the greatest thing that happened to us after Tamagotchis, and sent German marks in envelopes as the payment method of choice before there were any established digital payment solutions.

Throughout our studies we ordered books, office supplies, things we could not afford as well as things we didn’t need from the internet. Not even the occasional 12 weeks of delivery time could stop us. Despite the many shortcomings in its early days, we love online shopping and believe it has made our lives so much easier.

Online shopping during COVID-19

This past year has challenged everybody and also highlighted the significance of online shopping as the main channel for the purchase of daily goods like groceries, medical, drugstore and household goods. And toilet paper, lots of toilet paper…

With on and off lockdowns throughout Europe, opening hour limitations, quarantines and social distancing, means of buying goods have become limited and dangerous for certain parts of the population. Gradually, online shopping emerged as a viable and simple solution accessible to most.

Online shopping has become so much more than a channel to splurge on products 24/7 in the last 20 years. It offers consumers more choices and transparency, it is time saving and efficient, and it evens out availability discrepancies between the rural and urban populations. It would be an understatement to say that online shopping is a true game changer.

99 problems and all of them are emails

The development of online shopping however has not been exclusively positive. In an effort to inform the shoppers about every single step of the shopping journey, shops started bombarding consumers with messages: One email for when the parcel is packed, one email for when it’s in the delivery van, one email when the delivery van starts moving… You get the idea.

The uprising of marketplaces from which various sellers can sell under one umbrella has made things even worse and more fragmented. Did you know that when you issue one single order at an online marketplace, you’ll sometimes end up receiving up to 35 emails before you have even received the goods? That’s not even including potential returns and refunds.

Back on track with STOREE

As first-gen online shoppers, we did not like what we heard from fellow online shoppers and what we experienced firsthand. We decided to change this by building a digital solution that significantly simplifies online shopping by providing you with a clear overview of all your online purchases and their statuses. This eliminates the need to dig through hundreds of emails in your mailbox and memorize anything.

We believe that online shopping should be easy, fun, and simplify shoppers’ lives, not make them more complicated. We also think that you shouldn’t need experience in supply chain to be able to manage your online shopping.

That is why we developed and built STOREE and we could not be more excited for it to launch!

How STOREE helps online shoppers

STOREE – Your online shopping companion

STOREE helps you organize and manage all your online orders so you never lose track of them. Order details, items, shipping addresses, payment methods, return statuses – everything in one place.

When is my parcel arriving? Did I already pay for this order? Where did I buy this from again? STOREE helps you to stay on top of all your online orders by providing you a beautiful overview with everything you need to know about your orders.

Say goodbye to shopping memos, lists, sticky notes, spreadsheets and forever searching in your email inbox for this one email you will most probably not find anyway due to the cryptic subject. STOREE will filter out and display all the important online shopping information for you.

  • Order Overview
    Shop names, items, prices, shipping, and payment status – all in one place, at one glance and regardless of which shops you shop from.
  • Order Event Management
    Incoming events that are linked to a particular order will be automatically matched and the status will be updated in the app. Alternatively, you can also edit and tick off the events yourself.
  • Delivery Tracking
    Track all your deliveries and always know when parcels arrive. Are they rerouted or delayed? No problem, STOREE can notify you about this, too.
  • Wishlist
    No matter if you find an item you love in your browser or in another shopping app – share it to your universal STOREE wishlist and save it for later.
  • Payment Overview
    Always know which orders you already paid and which payments are still outstanding – independent of your payment method. Whether you use an invoice, credit cards, pay later options – we’ve got you covered.
  • Returns & Refunds
    Ordered something that did not meet your expectations? Manage all your returns and refunds from within STOREE and never forget to return anything again.
  • Contact Shops
    Have any questions or problems with your order? STOREE has implemented contact buttons so that you can contact the online shop of your choice with just one click and easy access to the order number which is needed in every communication.

Simply download the app from the App Store or the Google Play, sign up and get your own STOREE email address. Then use this email address in online shops you love to make orders. These will then appear in your STOREE overview.

If you wish to receive a sneak peek on how STOREE will make your life easier and more organized – simply forward an order confirmation to your new STOREE email address and see the magic happening!

More helpful features!

Looking back on the past 12 months

With the help of our beta testing community, we have learned a lot about building a product, setting priorities, user experiments and processing user feedback. We have continuously interviewed online shoppers, created and analyzed numerous surveys, and learned from bug reports and feedback from testers that have been using STOREE for the past 6 months. This is some of their feedback:

“I love everything about STOREE. The app is such a game changer.”

“STOREE makes it easy to keep trackof things and it‘s really helpful in doing so. I didn’t expect to like it that much in the beginning.”

“I love your app, it’s genius and saves me a lot of time and nerves. You guys did an amazing job! I can’t even remember how online shopping was before STOREE.”

“THANK YOU for this app. I was not aware that I needed STOREE but now I cannot imagine living without it!”

“I love that you developed an app for a problem I didn’t even know I had! Did it annoy me that I had to maintain a checklist when I had several orders going on at the same time? Yes! But I only realized how annoying it really was when I started using STOREE and thought: Wow! Thank you for getting rid of this annoyance for me!”

We shipped new features, went through redesigns, made numerous improvements and fixed hundreds, if not thousands, of bugs. Our testers’ feedback, negative and positive, has been very encouraging and pushed our team to always give their very best in creating an awesome consumer application that helps people solve problems.

We would like to thank this community for their effort, feedback, ideas, criticism and support. We feel immensely proud that you were part of the journey up until now and are hyped to see how far we can go together!

What’s ahead?

Building the foundations of STOREE is only the beginning and creates many product opportunities for the (near) future. There are many more features we plan to implement but, of course, never without user validation and testing.

We will also continue to improve the tech behind STOREE and introduce new languages to be recognized so that online shoppers around the globe can become organized with our app.

STOREE’s launch is the joint result of our fantastic beta testing community who helped us by online shopping (there isn’t a more awesome and fun way to help, is there?) and providing feedback, our advisors Jeroen, Finn, Guido, Romano and Thomas, and our team.

We can’t wait to show everybody what’s yet to come.

Your STOREE team